Tostiej, also known as Joost Knipping (born in 1994), is a Dutch artist based in Leiderdorp. His artistic practice increasingly focuses on the conflict between human behavior and animal instincts, as well as their application in critical social situations and climate issues. This perspective is expressed through art, driven by a childish viewpoint. Tostiej’s work seeks an aesthetic balance between the present and the past, representing a continuous battle of contrasts, akin to life itself. His art style blends neo-expressionism, street art, and childish drawings, creating a chaotic yet balanced aesthetic. Tostiej finds inspiration from art heroes such as Basquiat, Banksy, Daft Punk, and Junji Ito.

Tostiej’s work reflects his perception of today’s world, often seen as extremely meaningless but hopeful. As a viewer, you can experience his observations of human behavior, fears, confusion, and anxieties, all presented as a commentary on the contemporary world.

His artistic process involves explosions of creativity and adaptation, where he directly works with materials’ texture and tactility, resulting in an ever-evolving process that intermixes concepts until the final artwork emerges. According to Tostiej, he engages in a battle with his pencil, emotions, and perceptions to make spontaneous decisions while reaching the finish line.

Tostiej considers himself a young, multifunctional, and flexible artist. He finds inspiration in “differences” and things he does not fully understand but finds highly attractive. Particularly, non-Western cultures like African, Asian, and South American cultures, known for their extensive empowerment, color, expression, and liveliness, fuel Tostiej’s creative expression.

Creating art at home in his atelier, Tostiej adopts an environment-friendly approach using the RRR-method, which stands for Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. Instead of purchasing new materials, such as canvases, paint, and pencils, he repurposes canvases found on the street, which he calls Wall art. He also buys paint and pencils through second-hand stores instead of purchasing new ones.

Tostiej is already sharing his work with the world. We hope to see you soon!

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