Discover ‘Drawings,’ a collection of artworks that originate from my sketchbook and come to life through lines drawn with markers and fineliners. These creations emerge from spontaneous bursts of inspiration during my travels and adventures. I consider my sketchbook as a therapeutic stage where I document my experiences, encounters, accumulated thoughts, and creative outbursts. Each drawing serves as a medium – a way to express emotions and feelings on paper.

What truly sets these drawings apart is that they are created without the use of pencils or erasers. Just like a tattoo is permanent, every line becomes an inseparable part of the artwork once it is drawn. This reflects my approach of relying on instinctive reactions and expectations during the creative process. The fluidity of each line often leads me to unexpected and exciting directions.

My sketches are usually in black and white due to my color blindness. Each irreplaceable line is like a scar, similar to a tattoo, eliciting reactions and anticipation. These unique creations embody my youthful perspective, where emotions, lines, and colorful expressions come together in a unique artwork that captures cherished moments and visited places.

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