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The artwork titled “SHŪJI” is my portrayal of Japanese calligraphy, known as “Shodou” – the art of writing. It delves into “Shuji,” which represents a foundational step embodying both ‘learning’ (Shu) and ‘characters’ (Ji), translated as ‘penmanship.’ This disciplined script echoes primary schools, forming a symphony of balanced strokes where lines evoke dance and harmony.

When you behold my work, you witness the life sources of Shuji channeled through this calligraphic form – a connection that spans past, present, and future lives. It’s a communication of embodiment, using ink, markers, and fineliners to fuse personal expression with basics, weaving connections in materials. By embracing the spirit of the Meiji era, my journey mirrors the essence of growth through art.

Embark on a journey of print artistry – explore a meticulously curated collection featuring the finest of my sketchbook creations. Immerse yourself in prints elegantly capturing fleeting, enchanting moments – each artwork mirrors dedicated craftsmanship and limitless creativity. This exclusive limited edition, comprising just 25 pieces, harmoniously combines markers, fineliners, and skillful digitalization (including coloring) in Photoshop. Immerse yourself in prints that elegantly capture brief, enchanting moments — skillfully brought to life through the blend of ink and pixels.

Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm
Paper Type: MC Matte
Paper Weight: 400 grams
Printing: Double-sided full color (4/4)
Lamination: Single-sided soft-touch matte lamination
Edition: 25 pieces

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