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Explore a collection of drawings that originate from my sketchbook and come to life through vibrant strokes of markers and fineliners. These creations are born from spontaneous bursts of inspiration I experience during my journeys and travels. They offer a glimpse into my creative journey and how I share my inner self with the world. Each drawing acts as a channel—a way to express emotions and feelings onto paper.

What sets these drawings apart is their creation without the aid of pencils or erasers. Similar to the permanence of a tattoo, once a line is drawn, it becomes an integral part of the artwork. This reflects my approach of relying on instinctive reactions and anticipations during the creative process. The fluidity of each stroke often guides me towards unforeseen and exhilarating directions.

This artwork does not come with a frame.

Dimensions: 27.7 x 21.1
Paper Type: Papier, cut out from my sketchbook

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