Tekst wit_Wood Art

We currently live in a society where there is overconsumption, and this comes with increased garbage, which is a great problem. Each and every year, we recycle more; however, as we do this, we create more garbage. As we create this problem, few people are on board to help develop solutions. The three R’s, which include Re-duce, Re-use and Re-cycle, all function by helping to cut down on the amount of waste that people throw away. 

What it means is that you as a maker/designer/creator/artist/user uses the Re-use, Re-duce & Re-cycle method to create new things from existing things on a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly level.

By finding things that already exist such as: trash cans, garbage dumps, waste-bins, containers, thrift shop items and (online) secondhand-marketplaces you’ll give a new purpose to those things and a chance of appreciation by the viewer, maker and/or user.

So, Re-duce on buying new materials, equipment and tools and start Re-use the things that already exist to Re-cycle this thing to give it a new purpose.

For Tostiej the RRR-method is the core/keychain of creating his artform “Wood-art.” You will see this method, from the start of finding wasted-wood pieces in his environment to using it as a canvas, to the end of making art by using second hand materials and tools that he finds on (secondhand) marketplaces and thrift shops.

Why wood? For Tostiej wood is a fascinating material that lives as a tree and now is a part of human society. So as an appreciation of this unique once living thing he wants to honor this by using this forgotten material as a canvas. It also gives the art an extra layer of liveliness and every piece has his own unique form of showing itself.