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The artwork titled “STIL(L)LEVEN(TJES)” invites us to pause and fully embrace the present moment. It emphasizes that genuine happiness emerges when we embrace the remarkable charm found in life’s fleeting instances. These moments immerse us in nature’s captivating beauty, cocooning us in tranquil serenity and profound silence.

Amid today’s rapid-paced world, akin to a bustling pinball machine of constant diversions, the concepts of haste, impatience, and rush have gradually waned. Attaining true tranquility has become a challenge in this modern era. The scarcity of serene moments might appear paradoxical, becoming even more elusive as time goes by.

In response, this artwork, embodied by the phrase “stilte, stil leven, stil even, eventjes,” serves as a poignant reminder. It prompts us to acknowledge that these moments fundamentally shape the essence of life—instances capable of evoking feelings of enchantment, mystery, and rarity. It reinforces the idea that by attaining inner peace, we gain the capacity to metaphorically walk on water, enabling us to fully grasp and experience this profound sense of happiness.

Explore our first series of postcards – a captivating assortment of 8 distinctive designs. Crafted using markers, fineliners, and digital enhancement in Photoshop, these postcards encapsulate moments of artistry and imagination. Each card comes with an accompanying envelope, making them ready for sharing or safekeeping.

Indulge in these creative snapshots individually or opt for the complete bundle of 8, now at a discounted price of €6. Cherish the joy of artistry or send your regards uniquely. Click here to purchase the full bundle and unlock the full artistic experience.

Dimensions: 14.8 cm x 14.8 cm
Paper Type: Single-sided coated sulfate cardboard
Paper Weight: 350 grams
Printing: Single-sided full color (4/0)
Lamination: Single-sided glossy lamination


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